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She lives and works in Helsinki, graduated at University of Helsinki (Master in Political Science) and studied visual arts: photography, painting, drawing, digital visual art at Aalto University/ARTS/Open. ​The artistic photography is at the center of her professional interests. To enhance her artistic skills she has participated in several photography workshops and mentoring programs in Finland and in France (Masterclass in Paris 2019 and 2023, in the workshops in Arles, les Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie 2019 - 2022). 

She is interested in using photography as a means for exploring the environment she lives in. Her artistic approach is often based on the narratives of people close to her. She studies how connections evolve and transform. How do individuals interact with the changes in their immediate environment?


Her works evoke the world of present and past between real and imaginary. The desire of expressing the invisible, often without an interest in objectivity, is present in her images. The metaphors and symbols in her photograps lead either into a real-world narrative or into an imaginary realm.​

Previously she has worked as Senior OD Consultant (human resources development, diversity & inclusion) at Diversa Consulting (, in research on reproductive health services for United Nations Population Fund in Rabat, Morocco and in short-term assignments in Indonesia and Tanzania.

The themes and her artistic approach are based on her own experiences, on the stories of her friends and family. She explores relationships to space, to present and past, to life and death, which open new horizons to her photographic research.


Her works evoke the world of the present and the past between real and imaginary. The desire of expressing the invisible is present in her images.


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